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WP Plugin  9MAIL – WordPress Email Templates Designer v1.0.3

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WordPress Email Templates Designer is a useful tool for creating and customizing WordPress emails. If the default WordPress email template appears plain to you and you want to customize it, this is what you need. With no coding knowledge required, you can easily drag and drop, edit, and customize the layouts/contents within the email templates. Try our plugin to make the template look friendly and match your store design, and easily customize WordPress emails sent to customers.


  • Drag-and-drop builder: The easy-to-use email template builder allows you to create professional and eye-catching WordPress email templates.
  • Layouts: Layouts can be added quickly by dragging and dropping appropriate layouts, available from 1 -4 columns.
  • Elements: All elements you need to build a complete WordPress email are provided with full customization options for their appearance.
  • Custom CSS: Add your own custom CSS to the email template if the available options are not enough for you. Moreover, you can add custom CSS directly to the text element.
  • Unlimited Number of Rows: Unlimited rows can be added to the email template and include everything you need in the emails.
  • Direction: Based on your current language, make the email display from right to left, or left to right accordingly.
  • Live Preview of Changes: Visually observe emails by the preview, update any changes in the preview mode, and integrate to see on the desktop, and mobile.
  • Send Test Emails: Check the email design before the real sending.
  • Display Dynamic Data with Placeholders: Displaying placeholders makes it easy to design templates. Placeholders such as customer name, site name, User name, Password, and My account URL will be replaced by real user/order data while sending the WordPress emails.
  • Support multilingual plugins: WPML, Polylang.
  • Import/Export email templates in just a few taps – Reduce your workload.
  • Build your template in no time with mutual blocks, and shortcodes.
  • Responsive and works perfectly on any device.


  • Text: Add text content to the template and customize the font color, font size, alignment, border width, insert/edit link, insert/edit image, shortcode, info icon, social icon, border style, border color, background color, text padding, and text margin.
  • Divider: Add a single line divider to the template and choose a style for the divider. Customize the divider’s style, width, height, color, alignment, margin, and padding.
  • Socials: Add social icons to the email template, and enter your URL in the placeholder including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Image: Add an image to the email template and adjust its size and alignment, border style, border color, background color, text padding, and text margin.
  • Button: Add and customize the button: Name, the link of a button, style the border, alignment, background, and padding.
  • Menu bar: Add and customize the menu bar or name the navigation bar that includes links to the most important sections of the site: Home, Shop, Contact…
  • Contact: Display contact information with icons on the email template.
  • Spacer: Add a space between other elements and customize its height, borders with style and color, and the background color.
  • Default template: If you are using the 3rd plugin and the email contents of this 3rd plugin are not attached to WordPress default emails, they create their own email templates. In this case, you can use the default template type.
  • Post: Add your suggested block posts of any categories you select to the email template.
  • Block: Building the mutual blocks that can be used among the templates can reduce your workload significantly.


  • Actively support: VillaTheme is always ready to support you!
  • Add admin’s note to particular templates: A simple reminder of things you need to pay attention to in those templates.
  • User-friendly:
    9MAIL is simpler to use and always has the user in mind and adds appropriate updates to improve the user experience.
  • Integration compatibility: Compatible with 3rd parties.