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The Amazon Affiliate (AAWP) WordPress Plugin by Getaawp is a powerful tool for website owners who participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program. The plugin offers a wide range of benefits, including shortcodes, widgets, and PHP functions that make it easy to integrate Amazon products into any WordPress website. With this plugin, users can earn additional commissions for referring Amazon Prime customers, while also benefiting from SSL/HTTPS support and Google AMP support.

One of the key features of the plugin is its ability to generate dynamic text links for Amazon products. Users can issue a specific product name in their content, and the corresponding link and output name will be generated automatically. The product name can also be overwritten manually if desired.

The plugin also allows users to display single or multiple product boxes in their posts or pages with just one shortcode. These visually appealing product boxes include features like the product title, description, current availability and prices, discounts, and call-to-action buttons. In addition, the plugin offers automated lists of bestsellers and new releases, allowing users to showcase the top-selling products or the latest products within a specific product group.

Another feature of the plugin is the ability to place individual product information, such as the title, description, current price, or buy button, anywhere in posts or pages using “fields”. These fields can also be used directly inside templates files via the provided PHP functions.

The plugin also offers widgets to help users integrate Amazon products into their sidebar, with the ability to choose between the core functionality listed above. Alternatively, users can also place the shortcodes in a text widget or Visual Composer.


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