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Aug 2, 2023
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You must agree to the following to proceed with XenF membership registration.

A. General rules of XenF.Net Forum
1. Criteria, forum rights, and member responsibilities:
1.1 The Administration has the right to use members' posts within the scope of the XenF website and other areas such as the homepage, blog, and app to make it easier for everyone to find and read. The author's name will be clearly stated, or the original post will be linked in the content.
1.2 Everyone participating in the forum must adhere to this code of conduct.
1.3 The content of the rules may change at any time without prior notice.
1.4 Members are responsible for the content of their posts. XenF.Net will provide necessary information to authorities when requested.
1.5 XenF.Net is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by posts and content on the forum.
1.6 XenF.Net prohibits and takes no responsibility for the copyrights of all shared content on the forum.
1.7 All post content is reviewed by the Administration before being published.
1.8 XenF.Net does not allow the use of the "XenF.Net" brand in any field without permission from XenF.Net.

2. Rules for members
2.1 Member registration:
2.1.1 Member registration: Names, nicknames, etc., of revolutionary leaders, party leaders, state leaders, or undesirable figures such as terrorists, fascists, or with unhealthy meanings are not allowed.
2.1.2 Signatures, avatars, or personal information related to political, economic, or religious issues that may be detrimental to the forum and have unhealthy content are not allowed.
2.1.3 Signatures must not be too long.
2.1.4 User IDs with special characters such as [* ¤ ° ´ ¯ )] are not allowed.
2.1.5 Member IDs cannot be the same as those of Administrators, Super Moderators, or intentionally registered to match other members' IDs in any form or technique.
2.1.6 Members are not allowed to register more than one user ID on the forum, and IDs like abc1, abc2, and abc3 are not allowed. IDs must not include invisible or hidden characters.

2.2 Creating new topics:
2.2.1 Topics must be concise and highlight the main point.
2.2.2 Creating topics with content unrelated to the common activities of the forum is not allowed.
2.2.3 Replicating an existing topic or creating a topic with similar content is not allowed.
2.2.4 Creating multiple topics excessively, topics with many images, or opening multiple topics that are hard for others to follow is not allowed.
2.2.5 Selling or advertising any products is not allowed. Violation will result in an immediate ban.

2.3 Regarding post content:
2.3.1 Avoid abusing post functions and using excessively large text sizes. The following behaviors are considered post spams: posting multiple consecutive posts by intentionally dividing the content into multiple parts.
2.3.2 Posts must be relevant and in line with the topic; avoid diluting topics by posting irrelevant content.
2.3.3 Strictly prohibit posting anti-state content or content related to politics.
2.3.4 Avoid excessive use of emoticons in posts; excessive use may result in a banned account.
2.3.5 Vietnamese posts must have diacritics.
2.3.6 Avoid posting multiple similar contents in different topics.
2.3.7 Do not use excessively large or small font sizes or misuse font styles and colors.
2.3.8 Do not upload virus-infected posts to the forum.
2.3.9 Do not write posts that violate Vietnamese customs, laws, and culture.
2.3.10 Avoid writing defamatory or derogatory posts towards teachers, friends, or other members.
2.3.11 Avoid provoking intense arguments or disputes with other members.
2.3.12 Forum does not allow advertising or link spamming.
2.3.13 Members must have at least 10 posts before posting links.
2.3.14 Avoid using teen slang; write in proper Vietnamese with diacritics or English.
2.3.15 Prohibit the use of inappropriate, obscene, or explicit language, images, or information.
2.3.16 Avoid posting content that is subversive to politics and religion. Prohibits propagating, inciting violent actions, subversive activities, or destructive behavior.
2.3.17 Avoid arguing and causing disunity within the forum. If any member wants to express opposition to the actions of administrators, they can post their opinions about administrators in the feedback section or PM the admin directly.
2.3.18 To avoid future troubles with posts, if a post is collected from another source, the member must clearly state that it's a collection and provide the original source of the post.

2.4 Signature rules:
2.4.1 Signatures must not exceed 5 lines of text (counting empty lines).
2.4.2 Font size must not be larger than 3.
2.4.3 Signatures must not contain images.
2.4.4 Signatures must not promote services or products that are not in line with Vietnamese laws and customs.
2.4.5 Regular members do not have the right to place links in their signatures.
2.4.6 Links in signatures are only allowed in posts with content exceeding 100 words.

2.5. Disciplinary actions for members who violate the rules:
2.5.1 Light: Reminder.
2.5.2 Moderate: Reminder + Warning + 3-day ban.
2.5.3 Heavy: Depending on the severity of the warning and violation, a 1-month ban and reset of all post counts.
2.5.4 Very Heavy: Permanent ban and deletion of all posts.
2.5.5 will not provide any reasons for banning accounts or deleting posts.

B. Section for (Admin, Smod, Mod, Support, SVIP, VIP, Member, Banned)
1. Admin:
1.1 Grant moderator, Smod, Admin permissions to manage the forum.
1.2 Create new boxes according to the majority of members' requests.
1.3 Organize contests based on member requests or self-organize.
1.4 Monitor and resolve technical issues related to the forum.
1.5 Research and install mods/hacks/plugins for the forum.
1.6 Design smilies, avatars, icons, banners, buttons, and templates.
1.7 Responsible for contacting and exchanging advertising banners for the forum.
1.8 Post advertisements and promotions on other forums and websites.
1.9 Manage personnel.
1.10 Ban/unban members.
1.11 Train technical skills and writing skills for Smod and Mod.
1.12 Monitor, edit, and take final responsibility for all forum posts.
1.13 Monitor all activities related to forum content.
1.14 Determine the forum's development direction.
1.15 Encourage and support Mods and members, both spiritually and materially.
1.16 Organize offline events to strengthen relationships among forum members.
1.17 Address concerns and questions from all members of the forum.
1.18 Always take the lead in charitable activities and social support.

2. Super moderators (Smod):
2.1 Monitor all activities in their assigned boxes and sub-boxes.
2.2 Edit and handle posts, within their assigned boxes and sub-boxes.
2.3 Train technical skills and writing skills for Mods.
2.4 Monitor the activities of Mods and members.
2.5 Propose the revocation/assignment of Mod status.
2.6 Propose opening/closing boxes and sub-boxes.
2.7 Propose and initiate contests to promote the forum's development.
2.8 Represent ADMIN in managing the forum when ADMIN is busy.

3. Moderators:
3.1 Assist the Administration in managing the forum.
3.2 Have the right to moderate posts within their assigned boxes.
3.3 Act as regular members in other boxes.
3.4 Must be active on the forum for at least 1 hour daily.
3.5 Must be knowledgeable about the field of their assigned box.
3.6 Remove and redirect posts that deviate from the topic or contain content unrelated to the topic to promote the topic (arguments, provocations, etc.). Notify members of the violated content.
4. Support:

5. SVIP:

6. VIP:

7. Member:

8. Banned:

All members are requested to strictly follow these regulations to avoid discord within and the forum as a whole. In case of disputes, the Board of Administrators will make the final decision. Moreover, in case of mistakes, the Board of Administrators will propose the level of punishment, and the Admin will post the penalty announcement. All members are urged to comply strictly. Furthermore, the latest rules in the forum will be updated in the section: Rules - Announcements.
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