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FS Poster gives you a great opportunity to auto-publish WordPress posts on the most popular social networks automatically. By making use of FS Poster you will also be able to schedule posts, re-publish previously created posts, and so on. Plugin features:

What are the benefits of purchasing our social media scheduler?​

  1. Save your time You will be able to save your time by sharing your WordPress posts automatically
  2. Improves site SEO You will be able to increase links to your site from social networks.
  3. Keep your social media fresh You will be able to keep your social profiles fresh by posting frequently using Schedule module.
  4. Increase site visitors More shares will bring more visitors to your site.
  5. Supports flexibility You can create keyword-based messages for each platform and attach them to the relevant social media posts.
  6. Measures KPIs Social media scheduler measures the performance of each added network and accounts through scheduled posts.
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