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The Best Learning Management System – INFIX LMS lies in its dedication to being the best learning management system. This platform serves as the anchor in bridging the gap between instructors and students and encourages a harmonious exchange of knowledge. Here’s how it exceeds the competition:

Instructors using INFIX LMS are accorded the incredible freedom to curate an extensive array of educational content. From unlimited video courses to live classes, text-based courses, engaging projects, quizzes, and various files, this platform supports it all. The diversity of content types ensures that instructors can cater to a wide spectrum of students, meeting their unique learning needs.

But INFIX LMS is not just about empowering the instructors; it’s also about enhancing the students’ learning journey. Students, when granted access to this educational gold mine, can harness the diverse material to sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge base. This top-tier learning management system ensures that learning is not limited by boundaries but is an ongoing, enriching experience.

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your online education business, INFIX LMS is your ultimate gateway to success. Say goodbye to mediator and hello to unbridled growth and profitability.

  • Multi & Public Instructor
  • Student Profile
  • Instructor Profile
  • Item Cart Stored In Database (No Risk To Lost Cart of Buyer)
  • Live preview Video
  • Login/Registration system
  • Live statistics
  • Admin can reject any enrollment with define reason
  • Admin assign permission student and instrator
  • Manage all Course (publish, unpublish and active-inactive)
  • Unique Instructor user name
  • Instant Item Search
  • Description of each item
  • Change password / Edit profile
  • Currencies Converter
  • Transaction History
  • Statement
  • Earnings
  • Item Approval system
  • Coupon Option for the Application
  • Refund Status for Super Admin
  • Email Template
  • Features Item
  • Free Course Options
  • Social login Student only
  • Language translation
  • Flat Commission system
  • Instructor wise commission system
  • Instructor wise and course wise commission system
Instructor Features
  • Adding Products
  • Generating Coupon code
  • Manage Products
  • View course comment and reply to student
  • Get notification for new enroll and course comment & reply
  • upload cousrse chapter and lesson and upload file for assignment
  • Set default language and currency only for him
  • Sales History
  • Wallet Statement
  • Support Ticket
  • Sales Verify over API
  • Review History
  • Product History
  • Check Earnings of Month
  • Check Earnings of Year
  • Check Earnings of All Time
Student Features
  • Enroll The course after purchase
  • Package Purchase
  • Bookmark any course or video
  • Student can comment any course
  • Set default language and currency only for self
  • Get mail notification
  • Support ticket
Payment Gateway Included
  • PayTM
  • Offline Payment
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
Upcoming Modules
  • Auto Level Commission
  • RTL
  • Support Ticket
  • Payumoney payment gateway
  • GooglePay payment gateway
  • PhonePe payment gateway
  • Google Analytics
  • Refund Request
  • Zoom – Separate Module