1. DK47

    xF2 Addon [cXF] Last Edited Position 1.1.3

    Move Last edited to a different position with some extra options. Enable default position in style properties.
  2. DK47

    xF2 Addon [cXF] Hide profile page 1.2.1

    This add-on adds user group permissions to show/hide profile page (and member tooltip) with a notice. Features show or hide profile page with user group permission you can always see your own profile page no matter what permissions are set member tooltip shows notice too if no permission to...
  3. DK47

    xF2 Addon [cXF] Status update on What's new page 1.2.3

    Easily update your profile status on What's new page.
  4. DK47

    xF2 Addon [cXF] Threads and Messages counter permissons 1.0.1

    Show or hide threads and messages counter on forum list with permissions.