Thread Tagging Improvements

xF2 Addon  Thread Tagging Improvements v1.0.8 Patch Level 1

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This add-on greatly improves the utility of the Xenforo tagging system for threads.

  • [ACP] Potential tags list: Easily find what tags should exist on your forum.
    • Admin page that shows the most common words (also multiple words) that could be likely tag candidates

Auto-suggesting tags when posting a thread (From the thread title)
  • This feature increases the likelihood that tags are used by your forum members

Thread Tagging Improvements-1.png

Synonyms for tags
  • This makes the auto-tagging and suggestion features even more powerful, as a synonym word for a tag will also automatically suggest the correct tag

Thread Tagging Improvements-2.png

Loner tags
  • Allows a tag to not be tagged alongside longer similar tags

Thread Tagging Improvements-3.png