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Aug 2, 2023
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XENF submitted a new resource:

XenForo Media Gallery - Media Gallery

Some of the changes in XFMG 2.0.5 include:
  • Add some missing uninstall steps
  • When viewing a reported media item, show the media item.
  • Fix typo in viewModeratedAlbums permission check.
  • When editing an album/media item ensure that the description can be empited.
  • Reduce query count when viewing albums/media items.
  • When viewing an album, fix selected filters not displaying when filters are applied.
  • Avoid content breaking out of the album/media item view columns...

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DK47 updated XenForo Media Gallery with a new update entry:

XenForo Media Gallery

Download XenForo Media Gallery v2.3.0 beta 2​

The following are minimum requirements:
  • PHP 7.2 or newer
  • MySQL 5.7 and newer
  • All of the add-ons listed here require XenForo 2.3.
  • Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 7.0
Note: Only the PHP version requirements have changed here. However, even if you're running PHP 7.2 we strongly recommend upgrading to PHP 8.3 at the earliest opportunity for improvements in speed, security and...

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DK47 updated XenForo Media Gallery with a new update entry:

XenForo Media Gallery

Any entity which is configured to be "indexable` via the XF:Indexable entity behavior and is configured to enqueueIndexNow now requires the implementation of the new ViewableInterface. This is to ensure that your entity has an appropriate canView method so that we can determine content is viewable by a guest before submission to IndexNow. Developers will need to implement this interface and add a canView method (if needed) to ensure content can be submitted to IndexNow.

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